How It Works

Simply get in touch with us to start the process. Share YOUR idea, pictures, and or a sketch. One of our expert Custom Design specialists will translate the idea to CAD and 3D rendering within 24 to 48 hours for YOU to see. Don’t hesitate to request a 3D printed model if needed. At this point YOU will review, edit, and or approve. Change colors of materials, shapes, and size. Have special dates, phrases, or that special note engraved inside the ring. YOU are in the driver seat to totally make this YOUR special piece.

Virtual Try-On

Now that YOU are excited and hoping it turns out to be what YOU dreamed of, we provide state of art technology for YOU to actually take a picture of YOUR hand, wrist, etc. and place the photo of YOUR designed piece to virtually view in all detail. Instantly share with friends and family, or better yet drop the hint to someone.

Remount or Revive

In with the new and out with the old. YOU now have the ability to take an existing piece and restyle it to YOUR desired piece. Time changes, style changes, but we treasure the original piece. “AS YOU WISH” allows you to use all of the original materials in YOUR piece transforming it to the style of YOUR choice, preserving the sentiments of the original.

Digital Story Book Documenting the Whole Process

We want you to see YOUR idea come to life so you can be apart of it and share it with anyone YOU like. We take a picture of each and every step during the process of YOUR exact piece. Follow along in pictures and explained detail recorded on a card that features a scan code to instantly pull up YOUR story. It also has a picture of YOUR piece featured on the front of the card.

3-D Scan

By Using our newly equipped state of the art scanner we have reached new heights of technological advancement. With this new technology we can match or recreate even the smallest of curves and details. We can match any engagement ring to its perfectly paired wedding band or ring jacket. We can also create an earring missing its other half there are virtually NO LIMITS! The whole process takes just 3 weeks once we get the piece of jewelry.

Save the day, with Shah’s unique, Expedited Production capacity.

We all know how it goes. A deadline is fast approaching and somebody needs the impossible. But with Shah Luxury, the impossible IS possible. We can provide expedited production and get the project done in as little as 4 days. You’re not just a hero… you’re a higher proEit hero because you get to charge extra for being able to do something nobody else can.

Never be stuck without the answers they want…

Only Shah provides you with a comprehensive DASHBOARD enabling you to track your project all the way, providing instant updates – and therefore instant answers – for your clients. The dashboard includes pictures every step of the way. We even proactively email you a weekly CAD Leads Status Bulletin to help you close outstanding in the works deals.

SPIF Program

Sell more with our Partner Support System and our unique Spiff program for you sales staff on customer projects. We simply provide cash to yours staff directly when they sell Shah Custom products. Nobody else support you and your people so directly.

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We look forward to working with YOU and walking YOU through the easiest process you

could imagine. From start to finish of the approved CAD,

you can have your piece in as little as 2 weeks. Shall we get started?“As You Wish”

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