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Platinum Wedding Bands


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Platinum wedding bands are available in all shapes and sizes. Platinum wedding bands can come with or without any accent gemstones. White diamonds are a popular accent choice for platinum wedding bands. Round diamonds are typically featured on a platinum band, but you can find versions with emerald and princess cut diamonds too. Platinum wedding bands also come in sets if the bride and groom wish to have similar style wedding bands. Another option is a platinum engagement ring and wedding band set that fit together perfectly on the woman’s finger.


About Platinum Wedding Bands

Platinum is the most popular precious metal used to create stunning wedding jewelry. Platinum wedding bands have a natural white luster that never fades or changes color—even after years of wear. A platinum wedding band is a perfect accompaniment to a platinum engagement ring. Platinum is five times more rare than gold and a much stronger precious metal. The durability makes a platinum wedding band ideal for those who live an active lifestyle. Platinum is also hypoallergenic—appealing to individuals with sensitive skin. Over time, platinum wedding bands develop a desirable patina with a satin sheen appearance.


Buying Platinum Wedding Bands

To be marketed as platinum, the ring must have at least 95 percent platinum. Platinum wedding bands will not cast any color on the stones in the ring. Keep in mind platinum wedding bands will be more costly than gold versions. However, platinum is more desirable since it won’t require re-plating like white gold bands. Also, care is minimal since the sheen of the metal isn’t compromised over time. Shah Luxury will match you with the perfect platinum wedding band. Find a retail location near you to shop for our selection of beautiful wedding jewelry.


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