Yellow Gold Engagement Rings
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Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

If you love classic looks, you’ll love yellow gold engagement rings. Since the Greeks and Mesopotamians, yellow gold has been worn and cherished in rings, necklaces and bracelets. A 14k yellow gold engagement rings is 58.5 percent pure gold, and an 18k gold ring is 75 percent pure gold. Yellow gold engagement rings or bands represent the unending circle of gold, the perfect symbol for the union of marriage. And diamonds set in yellow offer a luminous allure.

Benefits of Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

There are several advantages to yellow gold engagement rings.

  • The yellow gold doesn’t ever tarnish
  • The warm tone of yellow gold is sumptuous and classic
  • Yellow gold will always be popular and maintain its value
  • Yellow gold looks great with platinum, silver and white gold
  • Yellow gold engagement rings are easy to clean. Just warm water and soap will do

Yellow gold engagement ring settings look wonderful for all kinds of engagement and wedding rings. You can go with a vintage-inspired style or shake it up with a modern ring style. Historically, yellow gold engagement rings are the most popular metal used, as it’s easy for jewelers to manipulate. This is important if ever the ring needs to be resized at a later date.

Gearing up to get engaged? Take a look at the wide selection of gold engagement rings from a jeweler.  You won’t be disappointed with the styles and how beautiful diamonds look when set in yellow gold.  And you can even find engagement rings that are both yellow and white gold.

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