White Gold Engagement Rings
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White Gold Engagement Rings

Today’s jewelers offer a wide variety of metals in different colors for engagement rings. You can choose from yellow gold and rose gold to white gold. White gold engagement rings are mixed with more silver-colored alloys, such as nickel and palladium. Then, it’s plated with rhodium for a platinum look. White gold engagement rings are labeled either 14k or 18k. This just refers to the purity of gold.

Benefits of White Gold Engagement Rings

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of white gold. First off, white gold is a more universal color than yellow gold or rose gold. It looks good on just about everyone. Plus, it has an expensive platinum look for less money. A simple solitaire setting in white 14k gold costs around $180 compared to platinum at a cost or around $800. White gold is also more durable than yellow gold because of its mixed alloys. It just doesn’t get dinged or scratched as much. For years, white gold engagement rings hold up to the test of time.

Find a White Gold Engagement Ring

White gold is a beautiful looking precious metal and provides a timeless look for any style setting. It always accentuates the look of diamonds, and you can count on it to match everything. Those soon-to-be-brides also are privy to a wider selection of engagement rings in white gold compared to other metals. With white gold engagement rings, the sky’s the limit.

Getting ready to pop the question? Consider a white gold engagement ring for your loved one. White gold engagement rings are the perfect way to say “I love you.”

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