Vintage Engagement Rings
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Vintage Engagement Rings

Vintage engagement rings offer a timeless beauty that captivates. They come in unique settings and designs that display your personality while symbolizing the endurance of your relationship. Vintage designs get creative with the layout of their diamonds, which can include a mix of different shapes and sizes. They also tend to play with the width, style and metal of the band. Each one provides an out-of-the-ordinary appearance that you will simply love to show off.

Heirloom Designs That Never Go Out of Style

It’s not necessary to wear a ring that’s been worn before you to gain that antique flair you love. Instead, you can have the special vintage style in a brand new ring that is only for you. With our newly crafted vintage engagement rings, we offer the unique settings, band designs and layout of diamonds that is so characteristic of heirloom rings.

Search Our Selection of Vintage Engagement Rings

Our selection of vintage style rings features a variety that will satisfy every bride and groom. Whether you’re the one selecting the ring or the one who will be wearing it, you’re sure to find a ring that you’ll simply fall in love with. Our vintage rings tend to come with an interplay of diamond sizes and shapes, such as a heart center stone complemented by round stones on the band or a halo setting with a large round, princess or cushion center stone surrounded by round stones. Plus, you’ll find a range of band designs and widths, a choice of precious metals and unique details that call to your personal style.

You have to see our extensive collection of vintage styles to discover the one ring that wows you. Browse our designs on our website and find a retail partner that carries our rings.

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