Sapphire Engagement Rings
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Sapphire Engagement Rings

The most famous royal sapphire engagement ring was Princess Diana’s. It showcased an eight- carat center sapphire surrounded by 14 diamond accents. But, the timeless beauty of a sapphire engagement rings dates back further. Brilliant natural untreated sapphires were especially popular during the Edwardian era and the Art Deco era. Even diamond engagement rings surrounded by a halo of sapphires were the trend during these time periods.

Today, couples are increasingly turning to antique, vintage and modern sapphire engagement rings because they want a more unique way to celebrate their love and commitment. Still the same as yesteryear, the sapphire engagement ring symbolizes loyalty, faithfulness, love and sincerity. It’s hard to ignore the possibility of a sapphire engagement ring with its link to the romance of yesteryear, its value and its innate beauty. 

Finding the Perfect Sapphire Engagement Ring

Sapphires can be found in many different colors, including blue, pink, purple and yellow hues. Sapphire engagement rings often showcase diamond accents to add to its complexity, contrast and beauty.  Three stone sapphire and diamond engagement rings that showcase a center sapphire flanked by a diamond on either side, are also a trendy choice today. For a high-end look, sapphire halo diamond rings, which feature diamond accents that surround the main stone are ideal. When selecting a sapphire engagement ring, consider size, cut and clarity just like you would a diamond. A well-cut sapphire will display its brilliance, and it’s available in a round, princess, oval, cushion and heart cut. Depending on preference, you can select a white gold or yellow gold band. Just keep in mind that the color of a sapphire is arguably the most important factor in determining its quality and value.

If you’re not into an all-diamond engagement ring, shake it up with a sapphire engagement ring.

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