Rose Gold Engagement Rings
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Rose Gold Engagement Rings

A rose gold engagement ring is truly a romantic gift to present to the love of your life. Rose gold engagement rings are timeless and have the ability to instantly catch the eye. Your intended will feel cherished that you took the time to choose an engagement ring that reflects her unique personal style.

About Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose gold is not a metal found in nature. Blending gold and copper creates rose gold. Sometimes, zinc and silver may be added to the mixture as well. The concentration of metals determines the color of rose gold jewelry. A rose gold engagement band may have a deep red color or appear pale pink. The darker colored bands have more copper while the lighter colored bands may have silver added.

The highest karat rose gold that can be used in wedding jewelry is 18 karat. Any amount higher than that will be much too soft to ensure the engagement ring is everlasting. You’ll find both 18 karat and 14 karat rose gold rings very durable. Rings with lower karat ratings may be more prone to scratching.

Buying Rose Gold Engagement Rings

As far as cost, rose gold engagement rings will be on par with yellow gold rings. In fact, they may cost even less than white gold rings. The alloy recipe used to create the jewelry piece will also affect cost. 

Rose gold engagement rings are versatile. You can easily find a gorgeous selection of rose gold bands with round cut solitaire diamonds or rings with square cut diamonds surrounded by accent stones.

If you have noticed your intended frequently wearing rose gold pieces, she will definitely fall for a rose gold engagement ring. Shah Luxury has a versatile collection of rose gold engagement rings in a range of beautiful styles. Get in touch today to see how we can match you with the perfect ring.

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