Marquise Cut Engagement Rings
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Marquise Cut Engagement Rings

The marquise diamond is a modified brilliant cut with a distinct oblong shape. The name originated from an 18th century French marquise who inspired King Louis XV to request a diamond in the shape of her mouth. Keep the following in mind when shopping for a marquise cut engagement ring.

The Love of a Marquise Cut Engagement Ring

Marquise diamonds are also often referred to as navette diamonds. Navette is French for “little ship” and the diamond’s shape resembles the hull of a ship. What really draws the eye to a marquise diamond is the large surface area. Marquise diamonds can have a smaller carat weight and still appear distinct in size. A marquise cut engagement rings also has the added benefit of making the finger appear more slender.

Buying Marquise Cut Engagement Rings

One issue that you may come across when shopping for a marquise engagement ring is what is called the “bowtie effect.” Due to the cut of the diamond, a dark space resembling a bowtie can appear across the center of the stone. It is important to check for a visible bowtie since this effect will undermine the appearance of the diamond. Another way to make sure the diamond has a beautiful sparkle is to choose a stone with a color rating of at least G or H and S1 or S2 for clarity.

Girdle thickness is also a vital part of the buying process when searching for marquise engagement rings. The shape makes marquise stones more fragile than other cuts. A thicker girdle makes a big difference in protecting the diamond from chips.

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