3 Stone Halo Engagement Rings
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3 Stone Halo Engagement Rings

Ready to make a big impression when you pop the question? Then consider the 3 stone halo engagement rings from Carizza. Able to make smaller diamonds look as much as half a carat larger, or a bigger gemstone more prominent, the halo design creates a spectacular look that grabs attention. With a 3 stone halo design, she won’t be able to stop looking at her finger it, or showing off her ring.

What is a Halo Design?

Inspired by the art deco style of the 1920’s, a halo design uses pave or micro-pave diamonds to encircle the central gemstone. This helps bring out the sparkle of the main diamond, making it look bigger and more luxurious. And with every halo circling the center, the entire ring looks more extravagant.

Why 3 stones?

While one stone offers a good effect, adding two more for a 3 stone halo effect gives off an even glitzier look, making your bride-to-be the center of attention. While diamonds are the most common stone used in engagement rings, some couples opt for a more unique design, showcasing a favorite gemstone (like sapphire). All types of stone are stunning for 3 stone halo engagement rings for a classy, sophisticated feel.

Finding the Right Metal

Sure, white gold and platinum are common when it comes to engagement rings. But have you considered white and rose gold for a more dazzling appearance? Be sure to take into account the color of the gems being used in the design for a perfect match. For instance, diamonds with a more yellowish tone may be enhanced better by a yellow gold band, while rose gold offers a more vintage feel to the ring.

Diamonds, Diamonds Everywhere

Are you ready to go all out when it comes to the glitz and glamour? Then consider adding diamonds to the shank. This pave look is sure to please.

The Shape of the Center Stone

Halo rings often sport a traditional round or oval look, but that doesn’t mean you can’t opt for a more unique pear shaped, cushion or marquis design. Shah Luxury offers wide array of shapes and sizes offered by such notable brands as Carizza, Pomezza and Luminous.

Finding the Perfect 3 Stone Halo Engagement Ring

Your love story is unique, and so should your engagement ring. Before you hit the jewelry stores looking for the perfect engagement ring, you will want to check out the 3 stone halo engagement rings offered by Shah Luxury. Use our store locator to find a jeweler nearest you. You’ll be amazed when you see these beautiful engagement rings in person.

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